Provably Fair is a provably-fair lottery. Understand here why.

Encrypted Server Hash of the current round:


During each round, there is an encrypted server hash in SHA-256. An example of a such server hash is given above.
The Server Hash consists decrypted of two parts:
[Bitcoin Block Hash of the latest round]:[Random Number between 1 and 65536]


The encrypted hash in SHA-256 is accordingly:

At the end of the round, when a winner is being selected, the decrypted Server Hash will be used along with the latest Bitcoin Block Hash to generate a new String which is being encrypted in MD5.


The encrypted MD5-Hash is accordingly:

From that hash, all non-numeric will be removed. The result is: 469403397666638973372
We are using Modulo to calculate the position of the Winner. The calculation for that is:
469403397666638973372 mod (number of tickets)

Note: If this calculation results zero, then the winner number is one, since there is no ticket at number zero.

Let's say, we have 1291 tickets, the ticket no. 1099 wins the whole jackpot using the calculation above.
After that, a new server hash will be generated which consists the recent Bitcoin Block Hash and a random number.

How can I verify whether a lottery round is provably fair?

On the page "Round History" you can see a Winner Hash and the Verify Hash.
The Winner Hash basically consists the Server Hash and the recent Bitcoin Block Hash captured on choosing a winner:
[Bitcoin Block Hash of the previous Round]:[Random Number between 1 and 65536]:[Recent Bitcoin Block Hash]

The Verify Hash is nothing else than the encrypted server hash, so the first two parts of the above string. This looks decrypted accordingly:
[Bitcoin Block Hash of the previous Round]:[Random Number between 1 and 65536]

The Verify Hash can be used to verify the authenticity of the winner hash. What is essential is the Winner Hash.
The winning ticket number is derived from the winner hash by encrypting the winner hash in MD5 and removing all non-numeric characters.
The resulting numbers will be calculated with modulo using the number of tickets. The result of that is the position of the winner.

To find out which numbers your tickets have, please go to the "Dashboard" and click on "Show Tickets". You'll find a list of your purchased tickets within the current round.